'Residue'   documents a durational performance that took place in the vacant lot where my home once stood. I made rubbings on handmade paper and after 16 hours compiled a grave rubbing of the entire footprint of the house. These rubbings record what is left of the historic structure and my belongings, as well as the three-year accumulation of detritus. This artist’s book contains photo documentation of the performance and small selections of the actual rubbings. The act of reading imparts small amounts of residue onto the reader and the reader, in turn, leaves their mark on the pages of the book. 
  Offering, 2015     26in x 32in Van dyke brown and multi-layered gum bichromate print using handmade pigments: brick, ash and lampblack     'Offering'   is a series of alternative photography prints that depict the interior of the house after the fire. The gum bichromate process allows me to create images using pigments of my own creation. These pigments are made of bricks, lampblack, a pigment made through the incomplete combustion of a flame, and ash from the remains of my previous body of work. These pigments are of the house, of fire and of myself. 
  Weight, 2015     10in x 14in (individual sheets) 14ft x 14ft (installed) Handmade abaca paper, 24k gold leaf, ash, photo emulsion lift     'Weight'   is a series of handmade paper representing the worth of objects lost in the fire as identified by an insurance inventory document. Each sheet of handmade paper represents a different object and its relative worth in gold. This work is inspired by Joss Paper, a Chinese ritual in which gold papers are folded into the likeness of gold bars and burned to ensure the stability of the deceased in the afterlife. Contemporary Joss Paper practices also include the burning of paper likenesses of everyday objects. My artwork, deemed worthless by the insurance company, is   represented by the gray sheets made from pulping the scorched remnants of my art salvaged from the fire. 
 Van Dyke Brown prints on handmade paper. Imagery sourced from insurance documentation photographs of house fire. 
 Gum Bichromate prints using handmade lamp black pigment. Imagery sourced from insurance documentation photographs of house fire.